Roulette wheel

mattia gervaz at
Wed Mar 18 21:14:35 CET 2009

Il Wed, 18 Mar 2009 09:34:57 -0700, Aahz ha scritto:

> In article <gop0se$7hu$01$1 at>, Peter Otten 
> <__peter__ at> wrote:
>>mattia wrote:
>>>         cpop += [nchromosome1] + [nchromosome2]
>>I'd write that as
>>thus avoiding the intermediate lists.
> You could also write it as
> cpop += [nchromosome1, nchromosome2]
> which may or may not be faster, substituting one attribute lookup, one
> list creation, and one method call for two attribute lookups and two
> method calls.  I shan't bother running timeit to check, but I certainly
> agree that either your version or mine should be substituted for the
> original, depending on one's esthetics (meaning that I doubt there's
> enough performance difference either way to make that the reason for
> choosing one).

Yeah, and I believe that we can say the same for:
1 - t = [x*2 for x in range(10)]
2 - t = list(x*2 for x in range(10))
or not?

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