Smalltalk-like Python IDE ?

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at
Wed Mar 18 23:02:31 CET 2009

Lobo a écrit :
> Hi,
> My experience has been with Smalltalk using Object databases.
> I would very much appreciate your recommendations on a Python IDE
> closest to the Smalltalk 'image' environment, with class browsers,
> implementors/senders, inspectors, debuggers, etc.

Well, Python is file-based, not image-based, so there are quite a couple 
things from Smalltalk you'll have to do without.

This being said, there are indeed IDEs with at least a code browser 
(while everything in Python is an object, Python code doesn't 
necessarily live in a class...) and a graphical debugger.

googling for python +ide should get you started

> I am planning to use the following technologies for my new project
> (based on input from others users here):
> 	+ Python 2.6
> 	+ PostgreSQL 8.3 (+ pgAdmin III 1.10)
> 	+ SQLAlchemy 0.5.2 (+ psycopg2)
> 	+ Elixir 0.6.1
> Does the above look right?, or are there any incompatibilities among
> versions?, 

This you'll have to check by yourself. Note that unless your project is 
trivial, chances are that you'll see new releases of some of these 
components (I'd bet on either SQLA and/or Elixir) before you're done 
with it.

> or would you recommend to add/remove/change things (except
> Python+PostreSQL, which is a must in my project)?.

versions compatibility problems set aside, it looks mostly sensible. I'd 
only recommend that you first learn SQLA "barebones" before you jump 
into Elixir. My two cents...

(snip - not a MS user myself)

> If you can also let me know some hints to ease my transition from
> Smalltalk to Python, that would be great.

Well, I guess the most important point here is that Python is not 
Smalltalk !-)

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