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>> > Ian Mallett wrote:

>> >>  I'd like to make a program that automatically runs on startup  
>> (right  
>> >> after login).  How should I do that?
>> > Put it in the folder:
>> > C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
>> Please don't do that, if you care about your users at all, and any of  
>> them  
>> might use a non-English version of Windows. Programs that put anything  
>> in  
>> the above location (or install themselves into C:\Program Files, or  
>> things  
>> like that) are really annoying, and the author is plain stupid.
> How is putting your program in "C:\Program Files" stupid? Almost every
> program I've ever installed on Windows defaults to that location.

In my PC, almost every program I've ever installed on Windows defaults to  
"C:\Archivos de Programa" instead -- see the difference?

Writing an installer (*and* uninstaller!) that does the right thing isn't  
trivial. Application developers usually can't master all the details  
involved - a "quick and dirty" installer just doesn't work well except in  
the developer's own environment (many things may change: OS version,  
system language, locale, user customization, user permissions, network  
I let the experts do the hard work for me - I use InnoSetup (there are  
many other alternatives)

Gabriel Genellina

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