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> >That said, I've heard mention here of something that can apparently be
> >used for this.  I think it was some incarnation of Webkit.  I remember
> >someone saying you wanted to use the one with, I think it was GTK
> >bindings, even though you were dealing with just network IO.  But I don't
> >remember clearly and did not record the reference.  Perhaps the person
> >who posted that info will answer you, or you will be able to figure out
> >from these clues.  Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure it was Webkit.
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Probably the easiest thing is to actually use a browser. There are
many examples of automating a browser via Python. So, you can
programmatically launch the browser, point it to the JavaScript
afflicted page, let the JS run and grab the page source. As an added
bonus you can later interact with the page by programatically, filling
form fields, selecting options from lists and clicking buttons.

HTH, Carl

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