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On Mar 18, 5:21 am, Tino Wildenhain <t... at> wrote:
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> > Hi !
> > I'm new to Python. I'm having some difficulties to redirect the pages
> > using python. Every time when I redirect, the URL changed accordingly.
> > (Example : from  http://localhost:9999  to  http://localhost/'J')
> > What's the Python way of implementing this ? Can anyone help me out on
> > this ?
> What did you try so far? Hint: the redirect is done via Location:
> HTTP-Header. You can check all details in rfc2616, this is independend
> from the language you would use. Everything else depends on the
> framework you use.
> Regards
> Tino
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Hi Tino !

Thanks for your reply. Currently I'm using :

1. Eclipse SDK, Version: 3.4.1 (I have set up python plug in - I used
2. Python, Version 2.5.4
3. GoogleAppEngine, Version 1.1.9
   (webapp - framework)

What actually I'm try to do is :

I'm having a Login page which developed in HTML. When I click on the
"Login" button I want the page to validate (at datastore of google
app) using python and redirect to other HTML page. As what I
understand, Python is the only language that supported by the

I did try by using below lines :

print 'Status: 302 Moved Temporarily'
print "Location: test.html"
print 'Pragma: no-cache'
print 'Content-Type: text/html'

but error thrown as:

Not found error: /test.html did not match any patterns in application

Please advice me on this.

your cooperation higly appreciated.

note : I'm not able to view the file that u attched in your previous
mail (smime.p7s).



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