How complex is complex?

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Thu Mar 19 07:29:07 CET 2009

> When we say readability counts over complexity, how do we define what
> level of complexity is ok?
> For example:
> Say I have dict a = {'a': 2, 'c': 4, 'b': 3}
> I want to increment the values by 1 for all keys in the dictionary.
> So, should we do:
>>>> for key in a:
> ...   a[key] = a[key] + 1
> or is it Ok to have code like:
> dict(map(lambda key: (key, a[key] + 1), a))

Before doing anything else I'd suggest leaving your code as is,
closing your editor immediately and not touching it at all before the
One True Answer arrives from the PSF.

Please mail your question (along with a self-addressed envelope) to:

Python Software Foundation
P.O. Box 848
Hampton, NH 03843

where python language lawyers will consider it in great detail,
consulting GvR if necessary. Please do not try to figure this one out
by yourself! The PSF lawyers are trained to do this, such things are
better left to professionals, you don't want to shoot yourself in the

Once every nuanced detail has been carefully weighed in and a
consensus has been reached among the Supreme Python Language
Commission chamber of the PSF the appropriate answer will be mailed
back to you.

Now you should be able to open up your favorite editor and hack away
knowing full well that nobody and nothing can stop you, ever!


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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