Preparing teaching materials

Michele Simionato michele.simionato at
Fri Mar 20 13:22:32 CET 2009

On Mar 20, 12:58 pm, grkunt... at wrote:
> I am considering teaching a beginning programming course using Python.
> I would like to prepare my class handouts in such a way that I can
> import the Python code from real ".py" files directly into the
> documents. This way I can run real unit tests on the code to confirm
> that they work as expected.
> I am considering using LaTeX to write the handouts and then converting
> them to PDF files. I will probably use a Makefile to convert the LaTeX
> with embedded Python code into the PDF files using pdflatex.
> I will probably organize my directory structure into sub-directories
> py-src, py-test, doc-src, and doc-dist.
> I will be starting out using Windows Vista/cygwin and hopefully switch
> to a Macbook this summer.
> Any thoughts?

One word: Sphinx.

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