multiprocessing and Tk GUI program (won't work under Linux)

akineko akineko at
Fri Mar 20 19:27:04 CET 2009

Hello FB,

Thank you for responding to my posting.
I have tried your suggestion, making a function rather than a method
in a class.
The result is still the same.
According to the documentation, objects to be sent through
'Connection' must be pickable.
But I couldn't find anything that explain the situation I'm having.
I will report this to Python bug tracker.
That way, the developer of multiprocessing module can try the test
case by himself.


> It is just a guess, but did you try making 'draw' a function and not a
> method?
> I read that parameters to the subprocess function shall be pickable;
> in your test
> program, 'draw' as 'self' as parameter, which is a Tkinter.Panel, and
> I read somewhere
> that Tkinter objects are not pickable ...
> Ciao
> ----
> FB

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