File Compare with difflib.context_diff

JanC usenet at janc.invalid
Sat Mar 21 03:29:56 CET 2009

JohnV wrote:

> I have a txt file that gets appended with data over a time event.  The
> data comes from an RFID reader and is dumped to the file by the RFID
> software.  I want to poll that file several times over the time period
> of the event to capture the current data in the RFID reader.
> When I read the data I want to be able to compare the current data to
> the date from the last time I read it and only process the data
> appended since the last time it was read.

If you are on a posix system, you could maybe use the output of the
'since' commandline tool, or at least steal some ideas from it.



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