Is there any library for COREL or ILLUSTRATOR?

JanC usenet at janc.invalid
Sat Mar 21 04:34:39 CET 2009

alejandro wrote:

> I need to import cdr files to python and just make some calculations 
> (surface size of some objects, perimeters..)
> Don't need to show them or manipulate with them... 


Sk1 is a vector drawing program written in Python & they have libraries to
read (some?) CorelDraw (v7-X3), Illustrator, Visio & WMF files.

If you are on Ubuntu or Debian, you can install the 'python-uniconvertor'
package and see if that includes the features you need.
Seems like Sk1 & the other tools aren't packaged (yet).

If you are on Windows, there is an installer on the Sk1 site.


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