Is python worth learning as a second language?

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>>>> I may not be objective (tried Java, hated it after 6 years).
>>>Arf - only took me 6 months !-)
>> That long?  It only took me six minutes.
>Guess what, there was a time when Java was looking quite promising. 
>Especially in the field of distributed computing (which then meant not 
>only high performance clusters). And computers were of more than one type, 
>used other cpus than Intel, too.
>Maybe it's easier to ridicule Java now, when it has not met the 
>expectations. But still, some people (better than I) have spent few 
>years writing software and doing their research in Java. Sure, that was 
>before Java had been nominated the common denominator of programming 

So?  By the time Java was released, Python had already been around for
several years.  Taking C++ and turning it into a VM model does not
exactly strike me as particularly good use of resources.
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