Is python worth learning as a second language?

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Sat Mar 21 05:50:31 CET 2009

On Sat, 20 Mar 2009, Aahz wrote:

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> So?  By the time Java was released, Python had already been around for
> several years.

I've started to use Python around 1.5. If it could interest me more than 
Java earlier than that, I don't know.

>  Taking C++ and turning it into a VM model does not
> exactly strike me as particularly good use of resources.

It doesn't strike me either. But resources are not the only dimension of 
judging the language, you know.

Also, I never actually liked the idea of dumbing down C++.

But, as I said, Java had some weight in the past (and some promises have 
been made about its future and not kept). I felt that dismissing it "after 
six minutes" might have been a little bit unfair. You should have done it 
after a week.


BTW, if you spent a day on this, you could learn about few other Java 
implementations, some of them not so resource hungry. Not that it makes 
Java much better, but your choice could be better informed. Eh, English - 
not sure if it is really what I've wanted to say :-).

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