script files with python (instead of tcsh/bash)?

Esmail ebonak at
Sat Mar 21 15:03:39 CET 2009

Hi Joe,

Joe Riopel wrote:
> Are these scripts run on computers that are guaranteed to have Python
> installed? If not, can you install Python on them?
> I use Python when I can, but sometimes shell scripts just makes sense. T

Yes. Currently I am running the bash/tcsh scripts under Ubuntu. The scripts
process the output of a set of big simulation runs using R. I can run R under
Windows too, but then I can't use the shell scripts to process them, so in
fact Python would make things more portable for me.

Shell scripting works for me for quick and relatively short tasks, as soon
as it gets a bit longer I miss having cleaner control structures and
functions, and Python having such a clean code would be great and make
maintenance easier too as I tweak the code.


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