Downloading binary files - Python3

Matteo tadwelessar at
Sat Mar 21 15:37:12 CET 2009

>         srcdata = urlopen(url).read()
>         dstfile = open(path,mode='wb')
>         dstfile.write(srcdata)
>         dstfile.close()
>         print("Done!")

Have you tried reading all files first, then saving each one on the
appropriate directory? It might work if you have enough memory, i.e.
if the files you are downloading are small, and I assume they are,
otherwise it would be almost useless to optimize the code, since the
most time consuming part would always be the download. Anyway, I would
try and time it, or timeit. ;)

Anyway, opening a network connection does take some time, independent
of the size of the files you are downloading and of the kind of code
requesting it, you can't do much about that. If you had linux you
could probably get better results with wget, but that's another story

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