script files with python (instead of tcsh/bash)?

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>>> I've looked around the web w/o much luck for some examples but come
>>> short. Any comments/suggestions?
>> Not sure what you're looking for here -- many things you'd run an
>> external program for in scripting can be accomplished with Python library
>> calls, and for the rest, you can use the subprocess module (or os.system
>> if you have no acces to Python 2.4 or higher).
>I have access to 2.5 or more recent. I guess I was looking for some
>example scripts in Python and perhaps the equivalent in bash/tsch to
>show some of the equivalences. I am being impatient, I guess I need to
>dig into the language/library documentation a bit more on my own.

If you post a sample script you're trying to convert, you may get some
responses that show how different people would write it in Python.
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