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> André wrote:
> > If I may suggest a very different alternative than the ones already
> > suggested: use Crunchy.  (
> >
> > You can have you handouts (html or reStructuredText documents) live on
> > the web with all your code samples executable from within Firefox.
> >
> > If you don't want to install Crunchy, but want to see it in action,
> > you can check these older videos:
> >;fromSeriesID=143
> >;fromSeriesID=143
> this is very cool, but i can't find (quickly) an explanation of the
> implementation.  since there only seem to be videos and not an actual demo
> page, i assume you need to install it locally?  is there a technical
> introduction?

Yes, you have to install it locally. The best method is to get it from the
svn trunk, and run it from the base directory.  You first need to create an
account (python, and you are ready to start it (python  Crunchy comes with a rather complete tutorial intended both
for end user AND with some more advanced sections for tutorial writers.

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