script files with python (instead of tcsh/bash)?

Esmail ebonak at
Sun Mar 22 14:51:53 CET 2009

Nick Craig-Wood wrote:
> Esmail <ebonak at> wrote:
>>  I am wondering if anyone is using python to write script files?
> Yes!
> Almost any script that contains a loop I convert into python.
>>  In any case, the scripts are starting to look pretty hairy and I was
>>  wondering if it would make sense to re-write them in Python. I am not
>>  sure how suitable it would be for this.
> With python you get the advantages of a language with a very clear
> philosophy which is exceptionally easy to read and write.
> Add a few classes and unit tests to your scripts and they will be
> better than you can ever achieve with bash (IMHO).

Hi Nick,

thanks for including the script, that really helps. Nice way of
finding files.

Two quick questions:

As a replacement for grep I would use the re module and its methods?

What about awk which I regularly use to extract fields based on position
but not column number, what should I be using in Python to do the same?

The other things I need to do consist of moving files, manipulating file
names and piping outputs of one command to the next, so I'm digging into
the documentation as much as I can.

So much to learn, so little time (but so much fun!)


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