Using python 3 for scripting?

R. David Murray rdmurray at
Sun Mar 22 17:33:07 CET 2009

timo.myyra at (Timo =?utf-8?Q?Myyr=C3=A4?=) wrote:
> Hi,
> I'll have to do some scripting in the near future and I was 
> thinking on using the Python for it. I would like to know which 
> version of Python to use? Is the Python 3 ready for use or should 
> I stick with older releases?

If you are using it for scripting that doesn't need anything not included
in the standard library (which is true of a lot of scripting tasks), then
I would say Python 3 is very ready.  You'll have some I/O performance
issues if do lots of I/O with 3.0, but 3.1 is almost out the door and
that fixes the I/O performance issue.

R. David Murray 

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