Using python 3 for scripting?

R. David Murray rdmurray at
Sun Mar 22 19:01:51 CET 2009

timo.myyra at (Timo =?utf-8?Q?Myyr=C3=A4?=) wrote:
> Ok, I think I'll stick with the 2.6 then. I recall it gave 
> warnings about things that are deprecated in 3.0 so it will make 
> porting the scripts to 3.0 easier. 
> I might try 3.0 once I know what kind of scripts are needed.

In case you don't recall, running your scripts under 2.6 with -3 will
give you useful info.

Someone else recommended 2.5, and that is a valid recommendation if you
are planning to ship your scripts off to a variety of target hosts.
Some linux distributions are still shipping with 2.5 as standard.
You'll run into some systems that haven't been updated from 2.4 yet,
for that matter.

But if this is for your own local use, personally I'd do (will be doing
new stuff) everything possible in 3, and only dropping back to 2.6 when
I have to.  Unfortunately in some cases I _do_ have to support a number
of servers that are still running 2.5 :(

R. David Murray 

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