Escaping optional parameter in WHERE clause

someone petshmidt at
Mon Mar 23 13:14:15 CET 2009


as you can see below I have some optional parameter for my query (mf,
age). They are in WHERE clause only if not empty.
In this function they are not escaped as, for example, 'search'
parameter, cause I can't pass them to execute function, which does
escaping automatically.

I could write another if's block like that

    if mf and not age:
        db.execute(query, search, mf, limit)
    if age and not mf:
        db.execute(query, search, age, limit)
    if age and mf:
        db.execute(query, search, mf, age, limit)

Is there a better way to deal with optional WHERE clause?


    def getData(self, db, params):
        search = params.get('search','')
        age = params.get('age','')
        mf = params.get('mf','')
        limit = params.get('limit',1)

        if mf:
            mf = " AND mf = %s " % mf
        if age:
            age = " AND age = %s " % age

        query = """
            SELECT * FROM mytable
            WHERE class = 'P'
            AND name = %s
            """ +  mf +  """
            """ +  age +  """
            ORDER BY id DESC
            LIMIT %s;

        db.execute(query, search, limit)
        result = db.fetchall()
        return result

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