Using python 3 for scripting?

Alan G Isaac alan.isaac at
Mon Mar 23 17:23:24 CET 2009

On 3/22/2009 12:41 PM Chris Rebert apparently wrote:
> 2.6.1, the latest non-3.x release is probably best. Most libraries
> haven't been ported to 3.x yet, so Python 3 has yet to become
> widespread.

This seems slightly optimistic to me.
Until a week ago, there was not a NumPy release for 2.6.
There is still not a SciPy release for 2.6.
Most dismaying, the SimpleParse guys need a little
help compiling SimpleParse for 2.6 and have not yet
gotten that help.  (Is anyone listening?)

So 2.5.4 is still perhaps the safest bet, even
though it is more awkward for writing code close
to Python 3 syntax.

Alan Isaac

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