Syntax error when importing a file which starts with a number

John Machin sjmachin at
Mon Mar 23 23:27:09 CET 2009

On Mar 24, 9:12 am, simon.wo... at wrote:
> Many thanks to all for explanations.  I'm going to take everyone's
> advice and ignore the naming scheme (especially as, on rereading, the
> naming scheme is apparently only mandatory if you're using C or Maple,
> for some reason).
> Thanks again.
> Simon
> (For those interested:
> > Do you mean that some authority other than yourself is seriously
> > insisting that the names of source files *must* start with one or more
> > digits? What is the rationale for such a scheme?
> The relevent section from the manual is
> > What to submit if you used C or Maple on the PWF
> > The first few characters of each file name should give the project number,
> > with the dot replaced by a minus sign or underscore ( _ ). For example, all
> > the programs written for project 1.2 should have file names beginning with
> > 1-2 or 1_2; for instance 1-2prog.c or 1_2equip.c...

Gulp ...

So in a sorted list of files, some of the project 1.2 files will
appear under 1-2xxxx and others miles away under 1_2xxxx ? And even if
the submitter is not so dopey, the submittee has two different
possibilities when looking for project 1.2's files? Brilliant! And
this is an educational institution ? Have they never heard of
directories? Time to upgrade from MS-DOS 1.0 to MS-DOS 2.0! And what's
wrong with a dot in a filename anyway?

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