Wiki syntax available when publishing on pypi

andrew cooke andrew at
Tue Mar 24 15:06:19 CET 2009

it's some form of restructured text, which is described at

however, there seem to be various implementations; i don't know if pypi
exactly follows what is described there (i know i had a small problem with
some detail being inconsistent with that convention used in sphinx).

also - if there's any kind of syntax error, pypi displays the entire
description literally (and gives no other error feedback that i have


Luca wrote:
> A non python, but pypi only related question:
> Where I can find a reference guide about all what I can do with the
> text infos about a pypi egg published?
> Looking at others guys code I lear how to make links, bold text,
> italic, lists...
> For example one time I found how to insert an image in the text, but I
> don't remember how.
> There is a official refence about this?
> --
> -- luca
> --

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