file open fails.

MRAB google at
Tue Mar 24 23:14:27 CET 2009

Atul. wrote:
> Hi I am using IDLE on Windows Vista and I have a small code.
> title = 'C:\Thesis\refined_title.txt'
> file = open(title)
> I get the following error from Python.
>     file = open(title)
> IOError: [Errno 22] invalid mode ('r') or filename: 'C:\\Thesis
> \refined_title.txt'
> Now, I can not understand the problem here I have all the permissions
> set for the folder, file as well. I can not understand why would it
> happen. Is it known on Windows Vista or am I missing something really
> simple and stupid? Please help.
Backslash has a special meaning in string literals. Use a raw string
instead or double the backslashes:

     title = r'C:\Thesis\refined_title.txt'


     title = 'C:\\Thesis\\refined_title.txt'

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