Does Python have certificate?

afriere at afriere at
Wed Mar 25 01:22:06 CET 2009

On Mar 24, 12:50 pm, Johannes Bauer <dfnsonfsdu... at> wrote:
> Sebastian Bassi schrieb:

> I'll hand out the "Johannes Bauer Python Certificate of Total
> Awesomeness" for anyone who can write a hello world in python and hands
> me $25000 in cash.

$25,000?!  For a certificate?  You must be kidding!  I can buy a
Doctorate of Divinity (which should get me a jop in an Python shop)
for less than a tenth of that.  You really need to turn off your spam
filter for a while to see how low the going price for fake
qualifications are these days. ;)

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