garbage collection / reference cycles (cont.)

Aaron Brady castironpi at
Wed Mar 25 06:11:03 CET 2009


I am posting the code I mentioned on Saturday that collects garbage
and cyclic garbage in a flattened two-step process.  The code takes
122 lines incl. comments, with 100 in tests.  It should be in a reply
to this.

My aim is a buffer-like object which can contain reference-counted
objects.  This is a preliminary Python version of the cycle detector.
I expect to port it to C++, but the buffer object as well as object
proxies are Python objects.  The memory management strategy,
synchronization, etc., are other modules.  It is similar in principle
to Python's own 'gc'.  If it's sound, it may have some educational and
explanatory value also.

Anyway, since I received a little interest in it, I wanted to follow
up.  It is free to play with.  If there's a better group to ask about
this, or there are more scholarly, widely-used, or thorough treatments
or implementations, I'm interested.

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