Relative Imports, why the hell is it so hard?

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Wed Mar 25 04:07:52 CET 2009

CinnamonDonkey wrote:
> Top responses guys! This has all helped increadibly.
> Bearophile,
> My applogies if I have offended you, but:
> 1. "I can't know much about you from the start" - Is kind of my point.
> Perhaps it would be better to avoid jumping to conclusions and pre-
> judging someones abilities simply because they are lacking knowledge
> in a particular area.
I agree in your case it meant you were misjudged, but experience has
proved that it's important to establish the correct level of discourse
before proceeding to discuss solutions.

> Would it have been better if I had opened my thread with a copy of my
> CV? I've got a Degree in Digital Systems Engineering (yes I am also an
> Engineer)... I went on to do a Phd in AI and Robotics where I also
> developed embedded systems. I bummed out on that after 3 years and
> went on to work for a games company where I worked on 6 game titles
> across 5 different platforms. I was a Lead Software Engineer for the
> last 5 years. Before now moving on again.
No, none of that would have helped ;-)

> 2. I am also very much a follower of the K.I.S.S. approach, 9 times
> out of 10 the simplest solution is often the best.
> As an Engineer though I would also suggest that the best way to learn
> is to try solving a problem being sure to constantly assess your
> approach and then your final solution. By dismissing a possible avenue
> you are dismissing a whole new path of knowledge. Is it not better to
> try and fail than never try at all? Surely this is how we gain the
> valuable experience we need.
> By simply suggesting a "simple default" solution, I may never have
> consider the alternatives nor understand why they are or are not
> suitable.
That's true, but we seem to be converging to rational discussion.

> 3. I get your point about Students, sometimes there is such a thing as
> too much knowledge or information overload. Whilst doing a PhD I had
> to take labs and teach students... The approach I tried to take was
> one off, "You may not need packages, why do you think you need
> packages?" or "This is how packages would be used and why they would
> be used... do you still think you need packages" or better still, for
> a capable student, "This is how packages work, try solving your
> problem and then tell me if you think it was a good solution."
> Going with R. David Murray, perhaps I also jumped too my own
> conclusion too quickly and for that I appologise.
People round here generally have broad shoulders and are slow to take
offense. No need to worry - and welcome to!

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