script files with python (instead of tcsh/bash)?

Esmail ebonak at
Wed Mar 25 13:05:36 CET 2009

Hello David,

R. David Murray wrote:
> Esmail <ebonak at> wrote:
> Here's a more Pythonic way to do that:
>     with open('somefile') as f:
>         for line in f:
>             if 'somestring' in line:
>                 #do something
> In other words, you don't have to read the lines into a list first if all
> you are going to do is iterate through them.  

Cool .. stored away for future reference.

In this case I believe I needed the contents in a list because the line
I was looking for was above one that I could easily identify. Ie, once
I had the index, I could go back/up one index to find the line I needed
to process.

> (The 'with' clause closes
> the file at block exit...which is overkill if this is all the program
> is doing since the file will be closed at program termination anyway,
> but is a good habit to get in to.)

thanks for reminding me about the 'with' clause. I agree with closing
files and in general being mindful about allocated resources.


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