Does Python have certificate?

andrew cooke andrew at
Wed Mar 25 14:23:05 CET 2009

Christiaan Putter wrote:
> Certification is really important.  Without My Crappy Software Degree
> my boss wouldn't have thought I'd be able to surf the internet,
> trolling mailing lists to scout for other highly certified programming
> whores.

apologies, this is way off-topic, but kind-of related.  i moved to chile
from the uk about 10 years ago and needed to apply for a visa so that i
could work (found a job doing j2ee).  unfortunately they needed evidence
of a professional qualification.  now i have no professional qualification
for programming, but do have a phd in astronomy, so i took the graduation
certificate along to the office.  my spanish is not that great (and was
worse then), and the person in the office didn't seem to understand much
english, but saw the paper with "doctor of philosophy" printed on it
(which is what phd stands for of course) and decided i was a philosopher. 
so i am officially registered as a philosopher.  and that apparently means
i can have a programming job...

no, i don't understand either :o)

anyway, enough chat.  better get back to philosophizing about some
database queries that don't seem to be using their indices...


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