PEP 3143: Standard daemon process library

Ben Finney ben+python at
Wed Mar 25 14:46:47 CET 2009

Ben Finney <ben+python at> writes:

> I've submitted PEP 3143
> <URL:> to meet this need,
> and have re-worked an existing library into a new ‘python-daemon’
> <URL:> library, the
> reference implementation.
> Now I need wider testing and scrutiny of the implementation and
> specification.

Thank you to those who have submitted bug reports so far. I have
addressed some bugs and uploaded version 1.4.4 of ‘python-daemon’ to
PyPI. Changes include:

* Catch and report some OSError exceptions thrown by various steps.

* Wait until later in the daemonisation process to cloase all open
  file descriptors. This gives a chance to see errors reported earlier
  in the process!

* Redirect standard streams to the null device if no stream specified.

Testing and feedback is still welcome, I want to knock this PEP and
implementation into better shape.

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