Iterating over readlines() and map()

Christian Heimes lists at
Thu Mar 26 01:41:29 CET 2009

W. Martin Borgert schrieb:
> (Resend, because of funny error message:
>> Your mail to 'Python-list' with the subject
>>     Iterating over readlines() and map()
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> Whatever this means.)
> Hi,
> if I understand correctly, this code would not read the complete file
> into the memory:
> for line in myfile.readlines():
>     dosomethingwith(line)

No, you are wrong. file.readlines() reads the entire file into memory
and returns a list of strings. If you want to iterate over the lines of
a text file you can simply write:

for line in myfile:

It won't work for a binary file, though.


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