dblck py file run, setuptools, easy_install don't work

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Thu Mar 26 18:22:30 CET 2009

Kevin Ar18 wrote:
> I just installed Python 3 64bit on Vista 64bit.
> I am having several issues:
> 1. I cannot launch python by typing "python" anywhere in the command line.  (I added the Python directory to my PATH variable by the way).
> 2. Double clicking .py files does not run the files like it used to with 2.5
> 3. Running a setup.py file for a package I downloaded gives the error: 
>   File "...\Posterity-0.6\setup.py", line 5, in
>  <module>
>     from setuptools import setup, find_packages
> ImportError: No module named setuptools
> I couldn't get this to work for Python 2.5 either (same error).

> 4. easy_install does not work period.  It did not work for Python 2.5 either.

Well, just to clarify something which may not be
obvious to you: easy_install (and setuptools on which it
is based) are not part of Python as such. They are 3rd-party
add-ons which you can get by downloading ez_setup.py:


and running it as:

ez_setup.py -U setuptools

(at least I think that's the incantation).
>From there you ought to be able to run easy_install


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