dblck py file run, setuptools, easy_install don't work

Kevin Ar18 kevinar18 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 26 18:01:52 CET 2009

I just installed Python 3 64bit on Vista 64bit.


I am having several issues:


1. I cannot launch python by typing "python" anywhere in the command line.  (I added the Python directory to my PATH variable by the way).


2. Double clicking .py files does not run the files like it used to with 2.5


3. Running a setup.py file for a package I downloaded gives the error: 

  File "...\Posterity-0.6\setup.py", line 5, in
    from setuptools import setup, find_packages
ImportError: No module named setuptools


I couldn't get this to work for Python 2.5 either (same error).


4. easy_install does not work period.  It did not work for Python 2.5 either.




So...  what changes must be made to the system to get Python working like it should after you install it?

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