Memory Leak after Py_Finalize()

Tom tom_caton at
Thu Mar 26 18:51:00 CET 2009

I have ported Python, numarray and numpy to the PharLap Embedded
Operating System. Python 2.5.2 numpy 1.3.0b1
My problem is the massive memory loss coming back after Py_Finalize()
when using numpy. I have seen similar posts but am unclear how to
proceed. Here are my symptomns:-

>>>> import numpy

This gives me a 2.34 MB memory loss each time through. Its similar for
Do I need to do something before coming back from Py_Main ?  (like
setting all the reference counts to 0 and forcing the garbage
collector to run). Doing a >>> del numpy is not enough.
I understand there is a memory loss when stopping and starting Python
(I observe it to be about 70K) - my problem is that I dont know how to
shutdown numpy cleanly - I want the opposite of "import numpy".

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