Any way to use a range as a key in a dictionary?

Mudcat mnations at
Thu Mar 26 22:35:42 CET 2009

I would like to use a dictionary to store byte table information to
decode some binary data. The actual number of entries won't be that
large, at most 10. That leaves the other 65525 entries as 'reserved'
or 'other' but still need to be somehow accounted for when

So there are a couple of ways to do this that I've seen. I can loop
that many times and create a huge dictionary. This isn't a good idea.
I can just assume if a key isn't there that it's not relevant. That's
a better idea.

However I wondered if there was a way to simply use a range as a key
reference somehow. I played around with some options with no success.
Or maybe there was another way to do this with another data type that
I haven't thought about.


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