how to arrange classes in .py files?

Kent kent.yuan at
Fri Mar 27 01:51:21 CET 2009

Hi all,

I work with Java. Recently I read some about python, and it is really
impressive. So i decide to learn it in my spare time by a small
application. But i got a question about the python classes. Didn't
find any help with Google.

In java, usually a .java file contains One Class. I read some python
codes, I found one py file can have many classes and functions. Is
there any convention how to manage python classes into .py files?

Now I just deal with my little application exactly in Java style:
package: gui, service, dao, entity, util (from the package name, you
can see the MVC pattern)
gui: wxPython classes
service: business logic, transaction mgmt etc.
dao: Data access classes
entity: "pojo"s
util: some handy utility classes

later VO classes/package may be involved as well.

In above packages, each .py file contains one python class. And
ClassName = Filename

not sure about the right code structure of python oop.

Can anyone give some hint on it? would be great with reason.

Thanks in advance.



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