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Joshua Judson Rosen rozzin at
Fri Mar 27 05:17:13 CET 2009

Marcel Luethi <marcel.luethi at> writes:
> Now I'm standing here, having this great idea for a brand new rocking
> app...
> But where do I start? I want it to be multi-platform (Linux, Mac OS X,
> Windows). It should be easy to install and upgrade. It should be self-
> contained, independent of an already installed Python. And of course -
> the world should be able to find it!
> Using my iPhone I suddenly realize how easy it is to find applications
> in Apple's AppStore. How easy and fast it is to install or de-install
> an app. My iPhone even checks in the background if there is an upgrade
> which could be installed painlessly.
> Unfortunately there's nothing like this in the Python world...

Sure there is: it's called "The Internet".

It's just that it supports more platforms (not just the iPhone), and
it's been growing for the past 30+ years (whereas the iPhone app-store
has been growing for..., what, a single year?).

What do you think the iPhone app-store will look like 30 years from
now, with 3 decades' worth of apps and 23 different iPhone models to
support? Actually, since we're just talking about a
distribution-system for apps written in Python (as if users care what
tools the app-developers used to develop their apps?), I'd be content
to hear your projection for a mere 18 years out (the amount of time
for which Python apps have been in production), or even 10 years
(which takes us back to Python 1.5).


Don't be afraid to ask (Lf.((Lx.xx) (Lr.f(rr)))).

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