Python AppStore / Marketplace

David Lyon david.lyon at
Fri Mar 27 05:54:12 CET 2009

I think Marcel has a point...

Much can be done and should be done to improve packaging and applications
for python.

That's why I for one am working on the python package manager project. On

It uses the pypi interface to search.

Actually we haven't made a release yet. Still many.. many things to fix.

>> Using my iPhone I suddenly realize how easy it is to find applications
>> in Apple's AppStore. How easy and fast it is to install or de-install
>> an app. My iPhone even checks in the background if there is an upgrade
>> which could be installed painlessly.
> [...]
>> Unfortunately there's nothing like this in the Python world...

It is being worked on...

> I'd be content
> to hear your projection for a mere 18 years out (the amount of time
> for which Python apps have been in production), or even 10 years
> (which takes us back to Python 1.5).

Just a GUI for package management that lets you seperate what is available
for the python platform that you are running on. Install, deinstall, and
get package information.

We only have source at the moment. Only for windows... and only for
python 2.5. Pretty limited... but we'll get there. 


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