Programming Python 4th Edition?

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Fri Mar 27 16:46:46 CET 2009

On Mar 26, 10:08 pm, Esmail <ebo... at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know if there is a 4th edition of this book planned
> and if so, when it might be coming out?
> It looks like a good and comprehensive book but is getting a bit
> outdated(?).
> And I guess since I'm asking this, I might as well be asking what
> your favorite, comparable Python book might be :-)
> Thanks,
> Esmail

Make sure that Programming Python is what you want. I was very
disappointment with it (First edition) because I was expecting
something like the Perl Camel book and it isn't.

It isn't a introduction to the Python language like "Learning Python",
it doesn't work as reference like "Python in a Nutshell", it doesn't
contain short idiomatic code like "Python Cookbook". What you are left
with is different application domains and how to apply Python to them.
The book is excellent if you want to do Network, GUI, Databases, etc.
but poor if you want to learn about Python the core language. The
title of the book should be changed from "Programming Python" to
"Applied Python" so newcomers to the language don't buy it by mistake.
Even the preface says that it is about "application-level programming
in Python". The book is pretty much 4 books in 1:
  System programming in Python
  Tkinter programming in Python
  Internet programming in Python
  Database and Persistence programming in Python

In my opinion an experienced programmer that wants to learn Python the
language should buy "Nutshell" and somebody new to programming in
general "Learning". You should buy "Programming" only if you need to
develop in one of the Domains covered in the book.

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