c.l.py dead, news at 11 (was Re: Mangle function name with decorator?)

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Fri Mar 27 18:47:27 CET 2009

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andrew cooke <andrew at acooke.org> wrote:
>Aahz wrote:
>> Excuse me?  What decline of this newsgroup?
>Hmmm.  It's hard to respond to this without implicitly criticising others
>here, which wasn't my point at all.  But my personal impression is that
>over the years various people who used to post here now stay pretty firmly
>in the dev group, while others seem to have disappeared more or less
>completely <wink>.

Well, yes, but that's simply the nature of online fora (I originally
wrote "nature of Usenet", but I think it's more general than that).  From
my POV, if you're going to call it a "decline", you need to provide more
evidence than some people leaving and others arriving.  I think that the
sheer volume and quality of posts to c.l.py is evidence that c.l.py is
not declining.
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