is there a way to collect twitts with python?

'2+ electriclightheads at
Fri Mar 27 18:54:55 CET 2009

i found a guy twittin supercollider code
this means his followers can listen to a noiz by activating that 1 line
(well if he has sc installed)
if lots of sc users start twittin ... it would be no good to follow each

collecting a sc related twitt can be done with python?
if there's a lib already any good pointers to start learnin thangs at?

maybe someday
jython or pyjamas can be used to launch a
sctwitt strreaming radio?
(this should be the one listeners can mix his favorite sctwittists)


SaRiGaMa's Oil Vending Orchestra
is podcasting:
and supplying for free:

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