Grayson, Tkinter, Chapter 5

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Fragments of Grayson's Python Tkinter are on the web at 
<>. The site contains all the examples in the 
book. Chapter 5 is there as a pdf. In it he describes an image editor, p86f.
I suspect only users of Grayson's book can answer these questions, but maybe 
reference to the site will do. (I may have answered my own question in the 
last few sentences.)

The code pulls in 9, possibly 10, images to populate a grid. It looks like 
he's dealing 150x150 thumbnails. The overall grid contains 15 rows by 8 
columns, which are broken into blocks of 5 rows by 2 columns. That is, there 
are 12 blocks, 3 rows by 4 columns.

The imgfile seems to be missing for Chapter 7, but there are a number of 
individual image files in the Image folder for the chapter. Does any one 
have it or is it there?

Why is he putting images in the blocks? That is, why did he need rows and 
columns within the blocks? Are these rows and columns in a block somehow 30 
pixels on a side, so the block is 150x60, which looks about the size of the 
calculator images shown in figure 5.19? Perhaps the need for all the rows is 
the manner in which he needs the radio button, plain button, combo box, etc 
in the lower right corner. In fact, I suspect that's exactly it. Well, I 
just leave this open for comments anyway.It is a very instructive example on 
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