Creating Linked Lists in Python

andrew cooke andrew at
Sat Mar 28 22:11:41 CET 2009

Aahz wrote:
> In article <mailman.2838.1238247106.11746.python-list at>,
> andrew cooke <andrew at> wrote:
>>(I've just noticed that the comments in Sequence are incorrect,
>>unfortunately - please ignore any mention of "index").
> s/comments/lies/ per my .sig  ;-)
> "At Resolver we've found it useful to short-circuit any doubt and just
> refer to comments in code as 'lies'. :-)"

yeah, it's hard.  i tend to add comments as i work through the problem,
but maybe i should delete them all at the end - in that case i originally
had the definition of the regexps and their evaluation all mixed up in the
same objects.  it was chaos.  i find writing a package like that in spare
time is surprisingly hard - more pressure than at work in some ways (want
to do so much more, have much less time).  andrew

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