How complex is complex?

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Sat Mar 28 23:11:09 CET 2009

thanks, paul.

again, since i don't know the context of the original question, i may  
be speaking to something different than the original post; however,  
questions about "about how intricate [an] algorithm [is] (this affects  
its difficulty of implementation and understanding)" are indeed  
discussed in introductory cs courses. and in those courses, as well as  
later courses, programming assignments get point deductions when the  
student programmer fails to follow good software practice. insofar as  
penalties guide learning or encourage students to follow best  
practices, the teaching of software practices continues throughout the  
cs degree program.

if the original poster wants to email me off-list both the question  
and its context, i'm willing to see if i have anything useful to  


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> james at writes:
>> again, if i understand correctly, this issue gets its share of
>> attention in computer sciences, and cs teachers discuss it in class,
>> passing along their own appreciation of it to their students.
> I think that question has nothing to do with CS (basically a
> theoretical subject about algorithms and so forth).  It's more of a
> software practice issue.  Of course, software practice is sometimes
> taught in CS departments, but that is basically for historical
> reasons.
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