complaints about no replies last week

Aaron Brady castironpi at
Sun Mar 29 09:20:33 CEST 2009

On Mar 28, 7:31 pm, ajaksu <aja... at> wrote:
> Hi!
> Aaron Brady wrote:
> > A week ago, I posted a question and an idea about Python's garbage
> > collector.  I got a few replies.
> Some very nice, too :)


> > Some days later, I posted a mock-up
> > implementation of it, and got *NO* replies.  Does this mean:
> It's not particularly clear to me what your goal is in that post.
> Something like "I'm trying to model Python's GC" or "here's an
> alternative way for the Python GC to work" would make it clear, so
> that feedback could be more objective.
> Also, a docstring with the executive overview on top of the module
> helps a lot, as does including your usage examples as doctests. I've
> heard these suggestion regarding my posts recently ;)
> However, I think the kind of deep, conceptual feedback I believe you'd
> like is available here and elsewhere[1]. It's just a matter of bad
> luck/bad timing IMHO :)
> Daniel
> [1]

Hi, Daniel,

I added an explanation of what I want-- a technical discussion of it.
I also included the output in a reply to the code.  Unfortunately it's
367 lines long and rather obscure, albeit systematic.

If it works, of course Python could adopt it, but my self-esteem kind
of interferes with thinking that I could have improved something that
is a decade old and hundreds of people have stared at... even though I
do have a CS Bachelor's.

Besides, Martin Lowis said:
> There is an easy design pattern around it, so I'm
> -1 on complicating the GC protocol.

That doesn't mean that no one will help me add it to /my/ project

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