Safe to call Py_Initialize() frequently?

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>In mod_wsgi however, Apache will completely unload the mod_wsgi module
>on a restart. This would also mean that the Python library is also
>unloaded from memory. When it reloads both, the global static
>variables where information was left behind have been lost and nulled
>out. Thus Python when initialised again, will recreate the data it
>So, for case where Python library unloaded, looks like may well suffer
>a memory leak regardless.
>As to third party C extension modules, they aren't really an issue,
>because all that is done in Apache parent process is Py_Initialize()
>and Py_Finalize() and nothing else really. Just done to get
>interpreter setup before forking child processes.
>There is more detail on this analysis in that thread on mod_wsgi list

Missing reference?
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