meta question - how to read comp.lang.python w/o usenet feed/google interface?

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Sun Mar 29 22:22:37 CEST 2009

    aahz> In article <03081704-17b5-4c7d-82db-8efb7ebce317 at>,
    aahz> Esmail  <ebonak at> wrote:
    >> I've been reading/posting to usenet since the 80s with a variety of
    >> tools (vn, and most recently Thunderbird) but since my ISP
    >> (TimeWarner) no longer provides usenet feeds I'm stuck.

    aahz> You have options for paid usenet feeds.  Personally, I like my ISP
    aahz> (, but you can also just get a plain feed from
    aahz> e.g. Newsguy.

Sorry, I don't recall seeing the original message, so maybe this has already
been suggested, but is Gmane a possibility?  Also, you can always subscribe
to python-list at and read it via email.

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