Bullshit Generator

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 22:59:22 CEST 2009

> Hello,
> For those of you that
> - want to surf on the edge of Web technology without understanding it,
> - desire to be considered as a software guru,
> - are forced to write technical documents that nobody will read.
> - want to laugh a bit,
> I have written a "Bullshit Generator" script in Python (see below). It
> generates English sentences at random, talking about leading-edge Web-based
> technologies. For example it can produce simple sentences like
> "The interface subscriber manages the web-based online ontology."
> or more complex, like
> "Generally speaking, the architecture is collected by the client from the
> encapsulation related to the artifact that retrieves the data in the UDDI
> where the integration enabled by the issuer delivers a Portal technology
> responsible for an XML operation."
> The algorithm is based on a simplified English grammar, fed with hard-coded
> lists of (buzz)words. The sentence structure is selected by choosing
> randomly among a set of weighted rules, i.e. some rules are more likely to
> be used than others. The sentences are oriented to hype Web technologies but
> you can easily switch to your preferred domain, simply by changing the list
> of words.
> For Windows XP/Vista users: if you have installed the win32com package
> (delivered with PythonWin), you should hear the sentences pronounced by
> synthesized speech.

You should really post this on a blog somewhere. Instant slashdot!

Dotan Cohen


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