tkinter questions: behavior of StringVar, etc

Alan G Isaac alan.isaac at
Sun Mar 29 23:37:24 CEST 2009

On 3/29/2009 2:46 PM Scott David Daniels apparently wrote:
> You ask, "What exactly is the role of ...", rather than 
> saying something like, "I don't understand the role of 
> ...", and continue to ask why the code is not architected 
> the way you first expected it to be architected, calling 
> those things you do not understand "magic"  (not 
> "magically" which would at least invoke a sense of wonder, 
> rather than indignation). 

Clearly there are some cultural differences here.  I am not
a CS type.  I would not presume to criticize the
architecture, and in my world, questions are generally
assumed to be what they appear to be: questions.

Additionally, I confess to be completely ignorant of the
nuances you suggest between using the term "magic" and
saying something happened "magically".  I meant it only in
the sense that John has since used it: as suggesting
something not obvious (to me) was taking place.  I had no
intent to communicate indignation with this term and indeed
am startled that it could be so construed.  Is this nuance
really universal on this list?

Alan Isaac

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