Speech activated scripting/macroing for Windows

John Doe jdoe at usenetlove.invalid
Mon Mar 30 06:40:58 CEST 2009

For a time, a Dr. Rick Mohr worked on a Vocola project that allowed 
continuous command recognition through Dragon NaturallySpeaking in 
Windows. Currently Vocola is available for Windows Vista and higher, 
but no longer available for use through DNS. 

More recently, Christo Butcher has begun a Python project called 
"Dragonfly" that works with NaturallySpeaking through NatLink (a 
crucial part of the continuous command recognition process that might 
be in need of further development).


Apparently Dragonfly is the only current programming method to allow 
continuous command recognition (aka "command sequences") spoken to a 
computer through Naturally Speaking. 

This is hot stuff IMO. Currently, speech recognition is a pain to use, 
but it is improving (enough for Microsoft to include SR in Windows for 
"casual users"). In fact, command recognition is much easier than 
dictation because the vocabulary is extremely limited compared to a 
human vocabulary. Continuous command recognition represents the advent 
of natural communication with a computer. It allows defining words and 
then using those words on the fly (ad lib), very similar to a human 

If you have any interest in voice-activated scripting/macroing for 
Windows, please take a look at Christo's Dragonfly project. 


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